We are a family on a mission to make healthy living enjoyable for more. Feeding your body with what matters and savoring each moment, makes life better. Our cold pressed smoothies, refreshing drinks and ice cream are made using only fresh and wholesome ingredients like fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.  

Your daily fruits 


In order to give you the most delicious and nutrient-rich smoothies, juices & refreshers, we make them at our own facilities. By cold pressing whole fruits in an oxygen free environment, we produce at the same time puree and juice filled with nutrients.

Plant-based ice cream

Similarly, FRUDADA all-natural ice cream is made with cold pressed fruits and house-made plant milk. You can enjoy it any time of the day as it is is 100% dairy free and nutritious. With less sugar than the average ice cream, it makes a perfect addition to your smoothie bowl or a special cookie sandwich.

What's inside matters

What's inside matters


You can be sure something is good and tasty, when children instinctively want more of it. Be like children, and follow your instinct in everything you do.

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